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Strong earthquake hits northeastern coast of Japan and generates tsunami

A strong earthquake of magnitude 8.9 struck on Friday (11) to the northeast coast of Japan, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), killing at least 60 people inthe country and generating a tsunami (tidal wave with destructive potential) threateningcoastal countries of the Pacific Ocean.

To read news about the earthquake in Japan, see page "Tsunami in the Pacific. "

The quake was the 7th worst in history, according to American agency, and also theworst on record in Japan.

Local TV pictures show that the quake caused a tsunami, which hit areas of theJapanese city of Sendai. Cars and boats were swept in stunning images. A local TVshowed video of the giant wave drag cars on his arrival to the coast.

Soon after the quake, a warning for waves up to six meters high, was issued in thecountry. The Tsunami Warning Center Pacific, U.S. agency also issued a warning to many countries, the surge of up to ten meters. Several governments have issuedwarnings and ordered the evacuation of some residents of coastal areas.

Waves "small" hit the Philippines hours after the quake,said the country's chief seismologist.
Indonesia also reported that there was no damage to the incoming waves, and the government raised the alert. The island of Guam, U.S. territory in the Pacific, has raised the alert.

Waves reaching 1.5 meters in the Midway Islands, according to the center. The monitoring station said it was impossible to predict the height of the waves that were beginning to arrive in Hawaii, according to local TV.

"60 deaths in Japan"

The Nati
onal Police said at least 60 people died, 56 were missing and 241 injured, but damage was so great that it would take to have a final figure. The local press speaks in many more deaths recorded. The semiofficial agency Jiji Press reported that between 200 and 300 bodies were found off the coast of the city of Sendai.

Still no word on casualties in Brazil, according to the ambassador of Brazil in the country. Live in the region near the epicenter at least 17,000 Brazilians, according to the embassy, which has made available for mobile information.

The quake had its epicenter in the Pacific Ocean 130 km from the Ojika Peninsula, Japan, at a depth of 24 km is considered low.

I will put more informations about Japan soon as i get time.

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